Welcome to Quality Green Specialists, 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave. (S.R. 15A), DeLand, FL 32720. Our specialities include: premium fertilizer blends to include Energized granular & Energized foliar HLB (Citrus Greening) “Citra Thrive Plus” nutritional treatments (all with live beneficial microbials including Bacillus, spp. & Trichoderma spp.) for Citrus growers (see Citrus Greening Answers). We have organic potted fruit trees, fruiting plants, vegetables, organic O.M.R.I. listed Azomite® volcanic mineralizer, organic fertilizers, potting soil, organic premium compost, and all types of premium quality plant growing supplies in our Garden Center, Fertilizer Store and Fruit Tree Nursery at our location in DeLand. Our fruiting plants include Arbequina olive trees, a huge selection of Citrus trees, Avocado trees, Pomegranates, Figs, Persimmons, Peaches, Guavas, Blueberries, Mulberries, Loquats, Sugar Apples, Papayas, Pineapples, Feijoa (Pineapple Guava), Grapes, Dragon fruit, and much more.

Be sure to keep up-to-date on Quality Green by clicking on “Quality Green Happenings”.

Our key services include on-site agricultural & horticultural consultations and comprehensive horticultural/agricultural/environmental testing and consulting that features the best & most detailed standard soil test, saturated soil paste report, plant tissue analysis, and irrigation water test.

We have the best plant nutritional products and the most comprehensive analytical services to make your farm more profitable and your garden more productive. Contact us by phone at the store: 386-734-8000, or call Dana: 386-837-3878, Allen: 386-747-0567, or Alex: 386-785-3297. Email Dana Venrick at danavenrick@yahoo.com or Allen Day at daylite2@yahoo.com


Look for our sign at 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave. (S.R. 15A) on the corner of Green’s Dairy Rd. in DeLand 32720. We are one block north of the intersection of International Speedway Blvd. (U.S. Hwy 92 becomes C.R. 92 to the intersection) and Spring Garden Ave.) The Nursery & Parking is behind the store.

 Yes, we are open every day Monday through Saturday 8-5. Here in central Florida, gardening * farming is going on year-round. We have beautiful plants and quality natural products for growing the best plants in a sustainable & organic way without chemicals. Go to “Quality Green Happenings” to see the latest happenings at Quality Green.

Be sure to check out “Dana’s Daily Blog” to see important updates, like our nutritional & probiotic programs to combat greening, and recent photos of our large inventory of pomegranates, blueberries, and stone fruit trees: apples, pears, and peaches (We have over 70 varieties in all!). Quality Green is your source for the best selection of fruit trees and fruiting plants of all types (and vegetable plants) for central Florida. Our Fruit Tree Nursery and Fertilizer Store & Garden Center is located at 1639 North Spring Garden Avenue (State Road 15A), DeLand, FL 32720. We are your best source for high quality, reasonably priced organic fertilizers, potting soils, organic compost and more (in total, over 70 high quality products to help you grow the best plants ever!), and the best selection of fruit trees and fruiting plants in central Florida. And for the second year in a row we won the 2015 reader’s Choice Award for “Best of the West” for “Best Fruit Tree Supplier” in the annual Daytona Beach News Journal reader’s poll. Thank you for voting for us!

Attention Citrus growers: Quality Green Specialists, Inc. has developed an effective program to remediate HLB (Citrus Greening Disease). Call Dana Venrick at 386-837-3878 or Allen Day at 386-747-0567 for details about our complete remediation program to include three-way comprehensive testing, best in the industry custom-mixed fertilizer & probiotic blends, and foliar nutritionals to include our own highly-effective Citra Thrive Plus. This program works and it is very affordable! The trees have complete, long-lasting nutritional inputs along with an effective treatment that remediates Citrus Greening (HLB) Disease. This highly bio-available foliar treatment program includes N-P-K with a 4-10-10 analysis, phosphite/phosphate, BioWash (one of the best penetrants/surfactants), organics, deficient or missing micro-nutrients (based on our comprehensive & precise test results), and numerous types of beneficial microbes. See Quality Green Happenings and Citrus Greening Answers for more information and photos illustrating our outstanding results.

Quality Green Specialists (QGS), Inc. invites you to visit our organic fertilizer store and fruiting plant nursery in DeLand, Florida. We are your best source for Azomite® OMRI listed volcanic mineralizer, natural plant nutrition products & organic fertilizers (including our own Premium Organics 4-0-5 Fertilizer with the highest quality, complete mineral package) with the best selection of fruit trees in central Florida. We won the 2014, 2015, 1nd 2016 Reader’s Choice Award for Best of the West in Volusia County (thank you voters!) for “Best Fruit Tree Supplier”. * See the announcement in the Daytona Beach News-Journal below. QGS is conveniently located at 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave. (S.R. 15A), DeLand, FL 32720 at Green’s Dairy Rd. (east side of 15A). Phone: 386-734-8000 (store), 386-837-3878 (Dana), 386-747-0567 (Allen), 386-785-3297 (Alex). Our Fax number is 386-279-7878. For easy directions, scroll to: *** EASY DIRECTIONS. Make it a fun and rewarding 2016 & 2017 by planting your own bountiful fruiting plants grown safely and organically without the use of dangerous chemicals & pesticides. We stand by our motto: “Grow Natural with Quality Green”.

We are open Mon. thru Sat. 8-5. We are closed Sunday. Be sure to come by to explore our vast collection of fruit trees, fruiting plants, vegetables, and flowering plants!  We are here to make your farming and horticultural pursuits more enjoyable and rewarding. Read a few entries from Dana’s log and you will understand our commitment to excellence in all that we do to make growing plants and crops easy, rewarding, more productive, and environmentally sustaining. Remember, Dana is at the Artisan Alley Farmer’s Market in DeLand on Friday nights from 6 to 9 p.m. with samples of some of our great products & plants. Again, see “My Daily Blog” for details. If you are interested in growing olives, you may want to ask for a copy of our 16 page article entitled “Requirements for Establishing an Olive Grove & Costs vs. Return for Four Grove Densities“. Details are on “Quality Green Happenings” along with pictures of two established olive groves in central Florida. Also on my blog, see photos of the QGS display at the Artisan Alley Farmer’s Market Friday night from 6-9 p.m. Also posted is our latest work helping a grower establish a 1,000 tree olive grove in DeLand and other olive grove start-ups. Also, check out the handy new precision guide for spraying foliar fertilizers and natural pesticides on the “Equivalents for Spraying” sub-page. Now, at a glance, you can tell how much liquid to put into a desired volume of water to make a given percentage of spray solution, as well as often needed spray volume conversions.

In fact, for a whole new world of horticultural and agricultural guidance, check out all our great web pages. Just click on any of the tabs and see for yourself!



Call or visit Quality Green Specialists today for more information about our soil testing, plant tissue analysis, water testing, our Organic Fertilizer Store (with the best organic and natural fertilizers, Azomite® volcanic mineralizer, potting/planting soil, compost, and much more) and our Fruit Tree Nursery with over 50 varieties of fruit trees and fruiting plants. Call Dana at 386-837-3878, Allen at 386-747-0567 or Alex at 386-785-3297 or call Quality Green’s Organic Fertilizer Store at 386-734-8000. Our hours are convenient: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. We have years of education and training and a passion to help you with your horticultural or agricultural needs. Come by to visit us at any time to explore our huge inventory of natural, organic fertilizers and products. While you are here visit our fruiting tree nursery and botanical garden nursery at 1639 N. Spring Garden Avenue (S.R. 15A), DeLand, FL 32720.


Above: Dana Venrick showing off an olive tree at John Fall’s olive grove in Dade City, Florida. Photo take 3-14-16. These trees are being grown with the best minerals & fertilizers (applied at low rates) based on our comprehensive soil and leaf tissue analysis.

* Here is the advertisement announcing our winning: “Best Fruit Tree Supplier”:

ad_best_fruit_tree_supplier_news_journal_sept_28 2014

Welcome to Quality Green. Great news! Quality Green Specialists was voted “Best Fruit Tree Supplier” in the annual Daytona Beach News-Journal competition for West Volusia. Go to: “Quality Green Happenings” to see information about this award. Explore our new page (click the last tab on the left) “Equivalent Measures for Spraying” that displays equivalent rates for various volumes of diluent (i.e., water). Check out at my log to find out all the latest at QGS and to see an example of our company display at the Artisan Alley Farmer’s Market on Friday evenings. Check a cost analysis for our excellent Citrus Greening (HLB) treatment program to see how affordable the best program with the best inputs can be for your grove. Look at the comparison of Azomite® organic volcanic pumice compared to another volcanic rock products. Also find out about Dana’s trip to the 2014 Georgia Olive Growers Association (GOGA) Annual Meeting in Lakeland, Georgia that was held Thursday, September 25, 2014. Attention Citrus Growers: Check “Quality Green Happenings” to see recent postings showing the strong, healthy recovery of Greening impacted trees in a commercial Citrus grove. Not only are we seeing strong recovery with a heavy load of fruit, but virtually all the fruit are on the trees – not on the ground! Important soil test & leaf tissue analysis reminder: It is very important to test your soil, plant tissue, and irrigation water so that you can reduce inputs if some minerals are excessive in the soil and then only add the minerals in the right forms that you need. It will save you lots of money and make you a lot more money in increased production in the long run. Call us today for an appointment to have us test your soil. You have come to the right place if you have decided that you are going to be a better gardener, farmer, landscaper, or horticulturist.To read about how to make growing plants sustainable, easy, highly productive, and rewarding, check out the wealth of information on all of our pages. Come visit and see all our fruiting plants & vegetables at our Garden Center & Nursery (over 50 varieties of fruiting plants) – they are beautiful and have lots of hanging fruit!

*** EASY DIRECTIONS: We are conveniently located at 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave. (S.R. 15A) in DeLand 32720, which is two miles north of S.R. 44. Taking Interstate 4 west coming from the Daytona Beach area and I-95, take Exit 118 B, which is S.R. 44. Go right/west 6.5 miles through DeLand to S.R. 15A (Spring Garden). Turn right (north) on 15A – QGS is 2.0 miles on the right. Taking Interstate 4 east from the Orlando area, take Exit 114/S.R. 472. Then go left/west on S.R. 472 to U.S. Hwys. 17-92. Turn right/north on 17-92 to Spring Garden Ave/15A/Truck Route. Turn left on Spring Garden. After passing S.R. 44, QGS is 2.0 miles on the right. Call Dana or Allen if you need more specific directions: 386-837-3878 or 386-747-0567.

We are now open from 8-5 Mon – Sat. Dana has a booth at the Artisan Alley Farmer’s Market most every Friday from 6-9 p.m. on Artisan Alley in the heart of downtown DeLand behind the DeLand Beacon newspaper office. Also, be sure to check out our large selection of natural/organic products we carry in our plant nutrition store at: http://greencropnutrition.com. Check the recent post about “Forty Plus States OK Silicon Soil Amendment” on the Azomite page (sixth tab on the left side). This is evidence that the vaue if bio-available silicon (as silicon dioxide) is starting to be more widely recognized. Did you know that the two most important minerals for plant growth are: 1) Carbon and 2) silicon and they have both been taken too much for granted, while nitrogen fertilizer has been over-emphasized. Available silicon is very low in sandy soils and virtually absent in peat type soils and must be amended with bio-available silicon to have truly productive & healthy crops. Sand is silicon oxide and is not bio-available like silicon dioxide from Azomite® volcanic pumice, which is over 50% silicon dioxide. Recently, I took photos and posted them on the “Super Green 3-0-5  Fertilizer” page of a lawn mis-treated with cheap liquid chemical fertilizer (say liquid ammoniated & chlorinated forms of nitrogen, phosphorus, and  potassium) by a well known lawn care company for years. I applied our Super Green 3-0-5 Fertilizer about a month ago and the weak, yellow grass is now healthy grass. Go to “Dana’s Daily log” to see the transformation! I recently posted some photos of olive fruit on our olive trees on the “Olive Production” page that you may want to see as well. We have a great liquid treatment combination to remediate Citrus Greening: our “Citra Thrive” and “BioWash”. This blend helps keep citrus trees producing in the face of Citrus Greening. There are lots of fruit on the older (2-4 years old) Arbequina olive trees at the nursery. Rooted Arbequina olive liners are ready for sale! See “Dana’s Daily Log” for photographs. Also see the log to learn how to make a batch of fresh olive leaf extract from olive tree leaves. Everyone enjoyed our “olive tea” (olive leaf extract) at the Olive Forum in February. We also have fresh “olive tea” for sale every Friday evening at the Artisan Alley Farmer’s Market. Imagine the health benefits of this beverage!  If you have problems with your Citrus trees nutrition-wise and suspect Citrus Greening Disease/HLB is adding to tree problems, be sure to go to the “Citrus Greening Answers” page. Also, be sure to check out our olive pages.

Quality Green Specialists – Now open 8 to 5 Monday through Saturday

1639 N. Spring Garden Ave. (S.R. 15A), DeLand, FL 32720

http://www.qualitygreenspecialists.com 386-734-8000 (Store & Nursery) or 386-837-3878 (Dana) or 386-747-0567 (Allen) or 386-785-3297 (Alex)


We advertise every week in the week-end edition of the DeLand Beacon, West Volusia Edition. Above is a copy of the ad that ran in January and February. It gives a good overview of who we are as a company, what we do, and how we place the needs of our customers first. Note: To serve you better, we are now open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


Pictured Above in Photo taken 1/9/14: Quality Green Garden Center & Nursery store, sign, and display as viewed from Spring Garden Avenue & Green’s Dairy Road. Quality Green is located in DeLand, Florida (32720) at 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave. (S.R. 15A) and is one of the most beautiful nurseries anywhere. Our specialities are fruiting plants, high quality natural and organic fertilizers, soil amendments (including the incredible Azomite® volcanic pumice mineralizer for sandy, depleted Florida soils), our own organic-based SUPER GREEN 3-0-5 fertilizer (with Sulfur-Coated Urea, Azomite®, Humic Acid, Potassium Magnesium Sulfate, numerous traditional organics, Dried Blackstrap Molasses, Bone Meal, and eight beneficial microrganisms), organic & natural liquid fertilizers (including our own Vital-Green 3 in 1 Organic Liquid Fertilizer and 3-6-9 Liquid Organic-Based Fertilizer) our own organic Premium-Blend Compost, and our own formula Premium Organic Potting & Planting Mix. Quality Green’s main number is 386-734-8000. Or call Dana Venrick at 386-734-8000 or Allen Day at 386-747-0567 or Alex Andrews at 386-785-3297. Call today.


Pictured Above: Quality Green Specialists, Inc. Store, Sign, and Display on November 16, 2013. NOTE: The Nursery is located on the other side of the Garden Center. The display features painted tires complementing the beautiful flowers and fruit trees.

If you grow Citrus & you want to know how you can reverse nutritional problems, make your trees healthier, and help stop Citrus Greening, go to the “Citrus Greening Answers” and “Growing Basics” tabs on the left of the page. For the best results with your fertilizer program for citrus, olives, and many other fruiting plants, the first fertilizer application of the year should be made as soon as possible. It should be with a good, mainly organic, low salt index fertilizer like our SUPER GREEN 3-0-5 organic based fertilizer. If you value Citrus, I urge you to read both pages. Also, check “Dana’s Daily Blog” page for comments & photographs of the latest displays & improvements to the Nursery and Store, and  also the latest consulting activities. See the overall beauty of The Nursery and some of the over 50 varieties of fruiting plants by viewing the photos posted on the December 24, 2013 posting on “Dana’s Daily Log”. Also, we are spraying Citrus with a new liquid nutritional formulation we call “Citri-Thrive” with the goal to better remediate Citrus Greening Disease. To find out more, click on the: “Dana’s Daily Blog” and “Citrus Greening Answers” tabs on the left.

*****Important Announcement:  To serve you better, Quality Green is now open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Thank you for your patronage that allows us the opportunity to serve you better.

Quality Green is conveniently located in central Florida at 1639 North Spring Garden Avenue (S.R. 15A), DeLand, Florida 32720. The Nursery adjacent to the store features fruiting olive trees, citrus, peaches, apples, pears, persimmons, apples, avocadoes, grapes, pomegranates, container-grown vegetables, blueberries, and much more – over 50 varieties of fruiting plants altogether! Call our store at 386-734-8000 or Dana at 386-837-3878 (email: danavenrick@yahoo.com) or Allen at 386-747-0567 (email: daylite2@yahoo.com).

Nursery 9-12-13 NW with olives & sweet potatoes

Above: Quality Green Nursery as seen near the entrance showing olive trees, a citrus tree, and a bed of sweet potatoes. Photo taken August 23, 2013.


Above: A view of the nursery entry area driving through the big rolling gate. Photo taken 9-26-13.

Olive tree growing area 8-23-13

Above: Olive tree production area of The Nursery. Photo taken 8-23-13.

Here is an example of one of many testimonials (received 8/18/13): “Dana! Over three yrs ago, when we were helping Pierson Farm Workers get their veggie gardens started, you told me about growing olives here in Ormond [Beach, Florida]. My three trees are FULL! Thank you” Lani Van Petten. For more testimonials, see our “Testimonials” page.

We planted several Seminole Pumpkins (some of the same vines pictured in the June, 2013 photo above) along the fences and they grew like crazy as pictured in the photo below with Associate Alex Andrews on August 10, 2013. This is three weeks after planting and two weeks after adding Micronized Azomite® (our amazing volcanic pumice mineralizer) to the vine on the right. Nothing, except the potting soil it was growing in was added to the vine on left.  The almost immediate growing power of micronized Azomite® (the formulation in which it is ground to a fine powder) [and the growing power of granulated and slow release formulations] is amazing and we are demonstrating the power of volcanic pumice on Florida’s poor, sandy, depleted soils every day.  We have even taken volcanic minerals to a whole new level with our proprietary SUPER GREEN 3-0-5 Organic fertilizer.  There is nothing else like it. We combine Azomite® with a perfect blend of numerous organic ingredients all in optimum amounts for most soils and most plant growing needs. But be sure to have us test your soil first – there could be way too much of some mineral(s) or an extreme deficiency of other mineral(s). For more information about SUPER GREEN 3-0-5 Fertilizer & Azomite®, follow the links on the left of the page.

Seminole pumpkin displayed by Alex Andrews

As shown below, there is a already a big pumpkin on the vine. This is the power of Azomite® volcanic pumice (OMRI listed). Photo taken September 12, 2013.

Seminole pumpkin 9-12-13

Quality Green Garden Center & Nursery:
1639 N. Spring Garden Ave. (S.R. 15A)
DeLand, FL 32720

Store: 386-734-8000

Dana Venrick: 386-837-3878 (cell)

Allen Day: 386-747-0567(cell)

Email: qualitygreens@yahoo.com

Driving Directions:
We are located in the beautiful “Tree City” of DeLand, Florida in the northwest part of the city.
From Interstate 4 heading east from Orlando, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Lake Mary, Sanford, Orange City/Deltona, take Exit 114/S.R. 472 and go west toward DeLand 3 miles, bear right on U.S. Hwys. 17-92 and go 2 miles, turn left on S.R. 15-A/Truck Bypass/Spring Garden Ave. and go 5 miles to 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave., DeLand on the right (east side).
From Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach and Interstate 95, go west on Interstate 4, then exit on S.R. 44 toward DeLand to the west. Drive just past the beautiful and historic downtown and turn right or north on Spring Garden Ave. (Hwy. 15-A) and you will find us two miles on the right (east side) at 1639 North Spring Garden Avenue.
From Pierson and DeLeon Springs, take U.S. Hwy 17 south to DeLand, then bear right on Spring Garden Ave (S.R. 15-A). Go about 2 miles and we are on the left on the corner of Greens Dairy Road and Spring Garden Ave.
Our store hours are 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday – Saturday & by appointment:

Contact Us Today for Answers
To Your Toughest Horticultural Questions,

Dana Venrick: 386-837-3878 (cell)
Allen Day: 386-747-0567 (cell)

Company emails: danavenrick@yahoo.com or daylite2@yahoo.com

Store Phone: 386-734-8000; store fax: 386-279-7878

Quality Green Garden Center & Nursery:
Thank you,

Your Green Team at Quality Green Specialists, Inc.
“Grow Natural with Quality Green”

olives on tree in DeBary May 21, 2013

Pictured Above: Olives on an Arbequina Olive tree planted in DeBary, Florida (just north of Orlando) by Dana Venrick in 2007. This is more proof that we can produce olives in Florida!  It is loaded with clusters of olives now sizing up. The tree is about 18′ tall! We sell olive trees of all sizes at Quality Green. Photo taken May 21, 2013. Update: Now, on September 1, 2014, there are lots of olives ripening on the trees that have over-wintered at the nursey in DeLand.

olives on tree in DeBary 7-4-13

Above: This is how the olives are sizing up on Independence Day, July 4, 2013!

Olives being picked from nursery grove 8-10-13

Olive Harvest Time (above)!  August 10, 2013. Associate Alex Andrews is picking olive fruit from our demonstration grove at Quality Green’s Nursery at 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave., Deland FL 32720.  More proof with the right cultural practices and fertilizer program, we can produce olives in Florida. Alex is curing the olives in rock salt and we will have delicious, edible olives in about a week. Now we have two batches of fruit – 0ne from my tree at home in DeBary (south of DeLand) and one from the trees at The Nursery in DeLand. And there are plenty more on the other trees. These olive trees, and all of our other olive trees in the nursery, have been growing in Volusia County (just north of Orlando) for over a year and have had plenty of cold weather to set olives. The keys are the basic growing practices that we detail in Dana Venrick’s DVD available for only $12.95. Call Dana for more information at 386-837-3878 or email him at danavenrick@yahoo.com

September, 2013 Crape Myrtle, Hibiscus, and Fruit Tree Sale:

Featuring Fancy grafted Navel Oranges and over 25 varieties of Citrus trees now through September 30, 2013. Your choice of quality trees specially grown in 3 gallon pots for only $35.00. Make this the year you start growing your own citrus trees for the best fresh fruit or fresh-squeezed juice! With our high quality natural & organic fertilizers, and our “best in the industry” soil testing to help you choose the right fertilizers, you will be thrilled with the high quality and super delicious taste of your fruit. Select from over 25 Citrus varieties! And, yes, we guarantee you will be happy with our testing and products. Plus our large 15 gallon Crape Myrtles (five colors) and Hibiscus (red & orange) are on sale for a low, low price of $39.00, regularly priced at $55.00. Sale ends September 30, 2013. For more information click the “Now on Sale” tab on the left.

Greenhouse PVC Dec 2012
Above: Our innovative new greenhouse being completed on December 26, 2012. Construction is entirely of thick-wall 1.5″ and 1.0 ” PVC Schedule 40. Most of the structure is 1.5″ with 1.0″ being used for the top bows. The structure was completed in three days. The structure is strong but also light enough to be portable. Shown is co-owner Dana Venrick. Photo taken by Al Manassa.
Display Poinsettias, Alle & Customer Dec 2012
Co-owner Allen Day is congratulating another happy customer during our Anniversary Sale, December, 2012. Now in 2013 we are celebrating our third successful year thanks to loyal customers and new customers who are thrilled with our natural, organic plant nutrition products, and our organically grown fruit trees, fruiting plants, vegetables, and ornamentals.
Display tables with Poinsettias & veggies 12-8-12
Our beautiful plants move fast.

Olive trees 25 gallon Dec 2012
Now available to celebrate our Anniversary – our biggest olive trees ever in 25 gallon containers. Co-owner and Founder Dana Venrick is displaying two 25 gallon Arbequina olive trees wrapped for shipment. Thank you for another successful year! Quality Green Specialists was founded in 2010.
Olive trees & Al Manassa Dec, 2012
Al Manassa is a strong guy, but I bet he can’t lift both olive trees at once!

Olive trees 25gal from north 12-8-12
These beautiful 25 gallon & 15 gallon olives are now on display at The Nursery. What a great presentation one of these live trees would make! Photo taken 12-8-12.

olives on tree in DeBary May, 2013

ABOVE:  Olives bear fruit in central Florida, north Florida & south Georgia! This 18′ tall olive tree planted in DeBary, Florida (just north of Orlando) planted by Dana Venrick in 2007 is now loaded with clusters of Arbequina olives sizing up. Photo taken May 21, 2013.

olive tree before planting 12-14-12
Al M. of Sorrento, Florida wanted to give an olive tree as a present, so he changed this sight to a beautiful landscape……
Olive tree after planting 12-18-12
The elegant olive tree has transformed this view into a beautiful captivating landscape. In fact, the olive tree looks like it belongs here along with the Pomegranate and Avocado. And looking closer…..
Olive tree close-up after planting 12-18-12
The striking beauty of this timeless Spanish Arbequina olive tree is complimented with landscape stones and its very own vegetable garden.
Olive ree being planted in Sorrento by Tom Talmage 12-18-12
Tom Talmage did a fine job installing this beauty of an olive along with a special cool weather vegetable garden with broccoli, Swiss chard, Romaine lettuce, Brussel sprouts, and Burpee’s Sugar Daddy English Peas (the first stringless podded pea).
dispaly with new veggies from south 12-8-12
Display showing new home grown Quality Green vegetables. Pictured are Romaine lettuce, broccoli, collards, Bergundy bush beans, and loose-leaf lettuce. Photo taken December, 2012.
Nursery new vegetable cropped 12-8-12
Our new vegetable section in The Nursery is now open. The vegetable nook features from front to back: Turnips, Bergundy bush beans, Swiss chard, yellow crook-neck squash, and tomatoes. Photo taken December 8, 2012.
You are cordially invited to come celebrate with us. You will love the Botanical Park feeling while strolling through “The Nursery” with dozens of varieties of fruit trees, fruiting plants, vegetables, flowers, and colored foliage. Access and parking from 1639 Spring Garden Avenue (S.R. 15-A) and 100′ east on Green’s Dairy Road is convenient to The Nursery and “The Store”.

ABOVE:  First commercial olive grove in Florida owned by Port Orange Mayor Allen Green, loaded with ripe, black Arbequina olives producing olives for oil, started with testing and consultations by Dana Venrick, President of Quality Green Specialists, Inc., 1639 N. Spring Garden Avenue, DeLand, Florida 32720.  These trees were planted only 18 months prior to when this photo was taken in Sep, 2010!  All olives are green before they turn black.

 olive trees 11-24-12
ABOVE: Arbequina olive trees on display streetside at Quality Green. We have over 500 potted olive trees for sale in The Nursery on location. We also have Arbosana and Koroneiki varieties of olives. Photo taken November 24, 2012.
Nursery display 12-1-12
ABOVE: Nursery display featuring Poinsettias, Peaches, Citrus, Arbequina Olives, and cool weather vegetables perfect for planting in December. Photo take December 1, 2012. We have the finest planting mix to start them off in the right way and Azomite® that imparts lots of cold hardiness with its bio-available Silion Dioxide, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and all those trace minerals (micronutrients) that impart complete nutrition and avoids “hidden hunger”.

January is the time to fertilize in Florida as the roots begin to grow rapidly underground as the days increase in length starting about December 22nd. We have the perfect organic fertilizer to promote the health of the micro-organisms in the soil and optimum mineral levels for strong, cold-resistant plant growth. This year try our SUPER GREEN 3-0-5 Organic Fertilizer that actually is all nutrition as the eight beneficial micobes it contains convert the minerals to bio-available forms and release far more nutrition than the analysis indicates. Go green for the New Year. Save money and get far better results!

nusery citrus 11-17-12
Above: Our Nursery: Quality Green Specialists, 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave. (S.R. 15-A), DeLand, Florida 32720. Photo above of our 22 varieties of citrus taken on a foggy morning November 17, 2012. Now on display are fancy peach trees, Poinsettias, cool weather vegetables, citrus, and our speciality, olive trees for table, oil, and landscape.
Peaches & Poinsettias & veggies
Above: Our display in front of the store showing our Fancy Peach trees developed by the University of Florida for Florida’s warm winters, red Poinsettias, broccoli, cool weather bergundy bush beans, and a 7 gallon Ambersweet citrus loaded with ripening fruit! Photo taken November 24, 2012.
citrus display 11-24-12
Above: Our street-side display of some of our 22 varieties of fancy grafted citrus showing tops of our super-healthy Arbequina olive trees. Most citrus and olives are in the main nursery off-street behind the garden center.  Photo taken November 24, 2012.
Avocado block 6-29-12
Avocadoes ready for Sale. One of over 25 varieties of fruit trees and fruiting plants in our nursery.
Store display of 3-0-5 & Vitalgreen 3 in 1
Above: Quality Green “Vision Room” showing ingredients that are blended to make our unique & unsurpassed “Green ‘N Natural” products: (1) our Granular “Super Green 3-0-5 Rich Organic Based Fertilizer” (made with Potassium Magnesium Sulfate, Azomite® volcanic mineralizer, Granular Humic Acid, Seaweed, Kelp, Dried Blackstrap Molasses, Sulfur coated Urea, eight beneficial microorganisms, and more!) & (2) our “Vital-Green” 3 in 1 Organic liquid fertilizer (made with Fish Emulsion, Seaweed, High Fulvic Aid Humic Acid, and Blackstrap Molasses).

WHAT’S INSIDE (See photos below): Central Florida’s unmatched display of liquid & dry natural
fertilizers & compost – QUALITY GREEN SPECIALISTS has liquid fertilizers in quarts, gallons, 2.5 gallons, 5 gallons, drums, and 275 gallon totes.  Plus, we have a large warehouse full of Azomite® and other outstanding dry natural fertilizer products. AZOMITE® comes in three formulations: Granulated, Slow Release, and Micronized. This great natural volcanic mineralizer is packaged in 10 pound bags (Granulated only), 44 pound bags, Pallets of 50 bags, and one ton totes. Photo taken June 26, 2012.
SCROLL ON DOWN FOR A VIEW OF OUR WAREHOUSE FULL OF AZOMITE.  To learn more about Azomite go to: http://www.greencropnutrition.com/Azomite.html
Showroom 6-27-12

Store vision display Vitalgreen 3 in 1
Mission Statement:
“The mission of Quality Green Specialists, Inc. is to promote with honesty and integrity safe and effective green management practices, with the goal of achieving high quality and sustainable soil, water, turf, gardens, and crops that enhance economic and environmental conditions.”

Our store hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Saturday:

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Protecting and enhancing nature’s soil & water are the foundations of sustainable green practices”

For better plant growth and yields, Quality Green Specialists recommends the incredible natural organic & complete mineralizer Azomite® (OMRI listed for organic certification purposes).
For information about this amazing
OMRI approved  natural volcanic mineralizer go to:


“Grow Natural With Quality Green”


The life work of Quality Green Specialists, Inc. is to provide information, testing, and products to homeowners, farmers, ranchers, golf course superintendents, sports field managers, and other decision makers with the goal of helping stop the wide-spread use of toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides which are being used in the increasingly unproductive attempt to grow quality crops and control diseases, insects, and other pests.

Quality Green’s position is that natural and organic products and techniques work better in every way, including economically, and  improve the health of the soil as well as the production of plants and livestock. We know that natural and organic inputs improve health and quality of life and that one day nature-based and organic management programs will be the new mainstream rather than “toxic rescue chemistry” that degrades soil and is not sustainable.  Nature knows best. Soil should be improved with compost, natural fertilizers, rock minerals (We believe that Azomite® is the finest quality natural volcanic mineralizer.), and oher natural materials. Extensive unbiased research exists to support our observations and recommendations, and some of that research is sited on our web pages.

BELOW: OUR NURSERY has over 50 varieties of fruit trees and fruiting plants. Eat what you grow! Many make great landscape plants as well. How about an edible landscape like at the home of Dana Venrick, who has 17 varieties of edible plants in his landscape.

Below: Right now we have a great selection of olives as liners, one gallon, 3 gallon, 7 gallon, and 15 gallon sizes. One super large 25 gallon tree is available.
BELOW: OUR NEWLY EXPANDED NURSERY has over 50 varieties of fruit trees and fruiting plants.
Nursery from south 4-28-12 expanded
BELOW: More fruit trees at Quality Green’s Nursery at 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave., DeLand 32720. Notice the two large 15 gallon Arbequina olive trees (all the 15 gallon trees were full of olives last fall).
fruit trees at QGC Nursery 12/12 looking N.E.

Below: Granulated Azomite® ready for sale in our new showroom, June 26, 2012.
Store-Azomite display 6-26-12
Below: Showroom Display Shelf for our outstanding 3-6-9 Liquid Seaweed-based Fertilizer:
Store 3-6-9 display shelf
BELOW: Granulated Azomite® in the warehouse at 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave. in DeLand 32720. We sell more Azomite® because our prices are so affordable. Based on extensive testing, we find that most soils are chronically low in available silicon (as silicon dioxide – sand particles are silicon oxide), a key ingredient in Azomite. The silicon in Azomite is readily absorbed by plants and is biologically active. We are working hard to help growers and home gardeners produce better, larger, and healthier plants, fruits, and vegetables. We do that every day with our comprehensive testing and effective, hard to find products such as Azomite. We have the gratitude and thanks of so many customers! Thank you from Quality Green – where growing healthy, productive plants is a pleasure!
To learn more about Azomite go to:  http://www.greencropnutrition.com/Azomite.html
Azomite granulated pallets in warehouse
BELOW: Slow Release & Micronized Azomite® in the warehouse at 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave. in DeLand 32720. To learn more about Azomite go to: http://www.greencropnutrition.com/Azomite.html
Azomite slow release & micronized pallets
BELOW: Totes of Slow Release Azomite® in the warehouse. We have the formulations and packaging to fit your soil improvement needs!
Azomite totes of slow release
Quality Green makes a unique, all natural, high quality, super growth promoting Premium-blend Compost (with all natural ingredients approved for organic use) and Premium Composted Potting Soil with Azomite®, humic acid, dolomite, and other fine natural/organic ingredients such as kelp blended right in. Our Premium-blend Compost is double composted with added all natural/organic ingredients for complete mineral availability. Our Premium Composted Potting Soil is unique with Azomite® blended right in along with organic fertilizers, humates, compost, and beneficial microbes. Not to mention our own proprietary SUPER GREEN 3-0-5 Organic based Fertilizer http://qualitygreenspecialists.com/index.php?p=1_29_Super-Green-3-0-5-Fertilizer blended with Azomite®; humates; kelp (seaweed); organic non-GMO fertilizer ingredients such as hydrolyzed feather meal, pasteurized poultry manure; bone meal; alfalfa meal; beneficial microbes; and other natural ingredients approved for organic use.

BELOW: Forty yards of our high quality, super growth promoting, all natural Premium Potting Soil/Planting Mix ready to load in bulk or in 32 quart bags. Our compost and potting soil will help you grow the best plants ever. Shown in Photo: Al Manassa.
Potting Soil 40 yards 3-3-12
BELOW: Independent Representative Richard Slaybaugh writing up a sale for another bag of Azomite® in Jacksonville, Florida.
Richard Slaybaugh writing Azomite sale in Jacksonville
BELOW: Allen Day, Quality Green Specialists, Inc. Vice President, proudly displaying cucumbers less than three weeks old grown in one of our demonstration raised beds with Quality Green Premium-Blend Compost.  One cucumber is already ready for the salad!  Photo taken October 4, 2010.
Allen Day displaying 6
BELOW: Dana Venrick, President of QGS, Inc., explaining benefits of Azomite® volcanic mineralizer with bio-available Silicon as Silicon Dioxide to Titusville Garden Club, April 9, 2012.

Dana at Titusville Garden Club 4-9-12
BELOW: Dana Venrick, President of QGS, Inc., MC at the 6th Annual Florida Wildflower and Garden Festival, April 24, 2012. Dana was a founder of the first Florida Wildflower Festival held in DeLand in March of 2007. The next Festival will be held on the 4th Saturday of March in 2015 (March 28, 2015) on Indiana Ave. and in the beautiful Athens Theater in Downtown DeLand.
Dana MC at Wildflower Festival 3-24-12

For more information and a wildflower video of Dana talking about the Black-eyed Susan wildflower (Rudbeckia) & the Festival go to:

Quality Green – your best place to shop for the finest Natural Products: We at Quality Green Specialists, Inc. meet your agricultural & horticultural needs with the highest standards of excellence.  We provide information, testing, and products for agriculture & horticulture to reduce excessive use of toxic chemical fertilizers & pesticides used to unproductively grow crops & control diseases, insects, and other pests.  We sell natural & organic products and recommend techniques that work better in every way, including lowering your costs.  Soil should be improved with natural fertilizers, minerals, and other natural inputs, as testing indicates.  That is why we sell Azomite® volcanic pumice – the finest quality natural mineralizer & our own unique fertilizer blends.  Our products are unexcelled in promoting the health of the beneficial microbial life in the soil, a key reason our soil & plant quality programs work so well.  A combination of our natural plant nutritional products even knocks out parasitic nematodes!  Come see our new Showroom, Garden Center and The Fruit Tree Nursery at 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave. (S.R. 15A) in beautiful DeLand, FL 32720.  We are open Mon. through Sat. 8 am to 5 pm.  Improve production. Make more money.  Call Dana at 386-837-3878 or Allen at 386-747-0567. Call today.