Organic Potting Soil

Organic Composted Potting Soil

The Best Premium Organic Potting Soil – Composted with the finest organic ingredients for growing plants like never beore! Call now for our low pricing! Call 386-837-3878.

  Organic Potting Soil

●    Unique Premium Potting Soil contains OMRI listed Azomite® volcanic mineralizer for essential Silicon usually missing in potting soils & more than 70 minerals to optimize growth of potted plants.

●   Contains essential Calcium and Magnesium from Azomite® volcanic pumice.

●   Contains organic fertilizer with humic acid, natural N-P-K, beneficial microorganisms, and other materials approved for organic use.

●   All ingredients approved for growing plants organically .  Contains no sludge.

     Bags, 32 quarts: $7.00 per bag (white, plastic)

     Bulk: 1-4 yds: $65.00 per yard

                5-9 yds: $60.00 per yard

                10 yds.: $55.00 per yard

    Ask about volume wholesale pricing for pallets and 20 & 40 yard loads.

BELOW: Forty Yards of Premium Organic Potting Soil Ready for your Farm or Garden!

Potting Soil Pile

BELOW: Tomatoes, eggplant, and Pepper just planted in our organic potting soil on March 25, 2012.

Tomatoes planted in Potting Soil 3-25-12

TWO PHOTOS SHOWN BELOW: Tomatoes and eggplant flourishing in our organic potting soil on April 18, 2012, 24 days ater planting.  Note that the tomatoes are already blooming and have small fruit.

tomatoes 24 days after planting 4-18-12 in organic potting soil

Tomato Topgun 24 days after planting taken 4-18-12

BELOW: Tomatoes and eggplant 41 days later on May 5, 2012. The top part of the pepper was accidentally broken off.  Our own SUPER GREEN 3-0-5 was applied once. No pesticides of any kind have been used.

tomatoes in potting soil & fertilized wwith 3-0-5 May 5, 2012

tomatoes ripening on May 23, 2012 59 days after planting

Above: Topgun tomatoes with ripening fruit fruit 59 days after planting in our composted Organic Potting Soil & using Super Green 3-0-5 Rich Natural Fertilizer. No pesticides were used. Photo taken May 23, 2012.