History of Quality Green

Imagine enjoying high quality fruits and vegetables that you grow yourself and also having the peace of mind knowing they are free from dangerous pesticides.

It stands to reason that healthy crops growing on fertile soil or rich compost will produce high quality fruits and vegetables, withstand hard freezes better, and better resist insects and diseases. Through years of experience, we have helped many farms achieve these results for their crops and help gardeners grow wonderful delicious edibles and a wide variety of healthy plants as well.

Pictured: Former partner Allen Day (now retired) giving expert advice to a customer at the yearly Florida Wildflower Festival founded by Dana Venrick.

Dana Venrick, who founded the company in July 2010, incorporated Quality Green Specialists in January 2011 and decided to specialize in fruit trees that are adapted for growing in central Florida. In the beginning they offered a volcanic plant food called AZOMITE® for re-mineralizing soil, which is especially valuable for improving Florida’s poor mineral depleted and leached sandy soils, and a well-digested premium compost. We soon started making and selling high quality composted potting soil, and several premium, organic based, high-quality sustainable BMP-friendly fertilizers that perform extremely well for growing fruit trees, vegetables, blueberries & Azaleas, turf, and all types of plants. From  a limited inventory of plants and products in the beginning, we have steadily grown to offer a wide variety of plants to include six varieties of fruiting olives, two dozen varieties of Citrus, avocados, peaches, nectarines, pears, plums, apples, persimmons, guavas, Surinam cherries, Barbados cherries, grapes,  blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, Japanese plums (loquats), chestnuts, star fruit (carambola), dragon fruit (pitaya), pineapples, passion fruit, elderberries, bananas, mangos, strawberries, vegetables, potted herbs, flowers, bedding plants, and many types of ornamental shrubs & trees (including a dozen native plants). Over the past 10 years, we grown our inventory to seventy horticultural products to include: organic-based 4-0-5 granular multi-purpose fertilizer, CitrusPro 3-0-5 granular fertilizer, 8-0-11 granular lawn & garden fertilizer, 7-2-7 Blueberry and Azalea Special (acidic-release) granular fertilizer, Vital Green 3 in 1 organic liquid fertilizer (with fish, fulvic acid, humic acid, molasses, and kelp), 3-6-9 liquid fertilizer with Kelp, Citra Thrive Plus 4-10-10 liquid fertilizer & Citrus Greening remedial treatment, Flora Boost liquid fertilizer with 20 amino acids, liquid micronutrients, many high quality, very effective plant nutritional products, and organic & natural pesticides. We also have black nursery pots of all sizes, bamboo stakes, bagged potting soil, and bagged premium compost. Quality Green Specialists was founded with a passion to help homeowners, growers, horticulturists, and other “green enthusiasts” to have access to better, more complete fertilizers and help them enjoy quality growing results. Soon after opening our doors we began our  analytical testing service, offering standard soil, saturated paste extract (water extraction method), plant tissue, and irrigation water testing, along with complete recommendations to make sure you are getting the best customized advice for optimizing the fertility of your soil and health & productivity of your plants. Dana and Allen as well as Associate Alex Andrews have the backgrounds and years of experience to give you outstanding advice and service that will make your gardening & farming experiences enjoyable and rewarding.

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