What Satisfied Customers Say:

Testimonial below received on December 31, 2015


 Since your visit in April 2015 to take samples for testing and the recommendations you gave based on the results. My trees have responded better than I imagined they could in such a short time. The older trees have had more growth than ever and the young trees have at least doubled in size. I can hardly wait for spring to see how they do this year. See you soon for this year’s testing.

 Thanks for the excellent service.

 J. Falls

Testimonial below received on February 28, 2014:

testimony_by_lance_miller 2-28-14

lance_miller_photo_2_other_compost 2-28-14

Above: Photo 2, Other Compost filled with store compost & mushroom compost.

lance_miller_photo_3_new QGS compost 2-28-14

Above: Photo 3, Raised bed filled with new Quality Green Compost.

Testimonial Received on September 4, 2012:

My wife Maggie, my son Corban and I were out of town for almost 2 weeks. Summer rains are here every day. I didn’t even need to ask any of my neighbors to come and check on our garden (I did invite a few of them to come over and eat as much as they wanted). Not only have we been getting our typical summer rains, but we also just had a deluge of rain from Tropical Storm Isaac as it passed Florida. Too much rain is not a bad thing for our garden… we have raised beds. The more rain the better, just as long the branches don’t come crashing down from the trees above (I clean these out of the garden beds often). So, we returned from our Rocky Mountain adventure to see another transformation in the garden. Everything is growing a furious pace. Our ONE malabar spinach plant is becoming the size of a prehistoric octopus (I have to trellis up the the new growth… wait until you see what that looks like). The five kinds of carrots are doing great even though I planted them in the heat of the summer (thank you tree shade). Okra grew 2 feet (and produced okra already too) while we were away. Tomato vines covered with about 50 ripe tomatoes. Purple sweet potato vines are now taking over the yard. Another interesting little detail: on the ground, growing in the ground up tree mulch, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of little white mushrooms (must be from the excessive rains). Now I need to contact local expert to find out what they are. We also had a visitor to our garden last night. A large hawk came to take a look at our teepee and garden. That was fun to see for all three of us. Thanks and have a Great Day!
Brian OHalloran
Visualization Specialist

Raised bed Brian OHalloran 9-4-12 Overall

Raised bed Brian OHalloran 9-4-12 Sweet Potatoes

Raised bed Brian OHalloran Trellis 9-4-12

Raised bed with Hawk 9-4-12

Previous testimonial received on August 29, 2012:

Hello Allen & Dana, I purchased compost from you back in April. I am sending you a few emails showing pictures and telling the short story of my garden. Feel free to call me any time. This first email contains information about the long-term design intent. FYI: the front of my home faces ‘south’. The front yard is more ideal for growing because there is more sunlight. My backyard is half shaded by large trees. this has some benefits of allowing me to growing through the summer without the sun beating up crops that can’t take the heat. During the past few months, I have: (1) doubled the size of my backyard porch (2) built a new garden gate (3) built the garden arbor (4) built the 6 raised beds that surround the arbor (5) turned the bed in the front of our home adjacent to the porch into an herb garden (plus a couple blueberry bushes) The garden has been growing at a phenomenal pace. Almost every plant was planted from SEED. We have already gone thru a second cycle of planting seeds in the few months that we have been growing. The third seed planting should be coming up within the next week or so. Thanks and have a Great Day!
Brian OHalloran
Visualization Specialist
[See some of Brian’s incredible success stories with photos below – and all this has been through the heat of Florida’s summer!]

Below: Garden Update 03.jpg (Brian OHalloran) Look at how tall our tomato plants have grown. Also growing in same bed: jalapenos (lower right), Asian green, red carrots, orange carrots, 2 kinds of collards and purple sweet potatoes. The bed in the far right contains 4 different carrots. The bed in the far left contains a malabar spinach plant that has a mind of it own. We can NOT eat it fast enough. Every time I cut off 50 leaves, it grows even more in their place. The spinach plant has 2 stems that are now both over 10 feet long.

Garden update 3 Brian OHalloran

Below: Garden Update 07.jpg (Brian OHalloran) Who needs to build trellising when you can simply use jute/twine to form fit to any place.

Garden Update 7 Brian OHalloran

Below: Garden Update 08.jpg (Brian OHalloran) Purple sweet potato vines everywhere.

Purple Sweet Poato Vives Brian OHalloran 

“Dana & Allen,
A few weeks ago my wife and I were returning to our house and pulling up the driveway when she asked why our lawn looked so shabby. I replied that it probably needed fertilizer and I’d stop by my favorite place to purchase organic products, Quality Green Specialists, and ask Dana what he recommended for lawn fertilizer. Dana told me 3-0-5 and Azomite would do the job so I purchased a couple bags of 3-0-5 and a bag of Azomite and spread them with a broadcast spreader. Just one week later it looked like it had not been mown in two or more weeks. I took these photos today, three weeks after the 3-0-5 and Azomite were spread and just after the lawn was mown. Now we have one of the greenest lawns in the neighborhood and ours is bahiagrass.”

Jerry Hale, DeLand, FL  June 27, 2012

 “Hello Dana,
I recently ordered an Azomite bag from you guys and I have to say that it is working phenomenal. I applied it to my hot/sweet peppers, tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers, watermelons, and the foilage has gotten DARK GREEN, looking extremely healthy and the fruit/veggies are looking prolific! I am very impressed with the results so far. I noticed you guys have two kinds of bags, the one I have is the “Granulated Natural Trace Minerals”, And the other i think is the “Micronized” Rock dust. I’d like to try this one too, to see the difference and see which one i like best.”
Ricardo Ruiz, Hollywood, Florida.

“Hi Dana,
Just wanted you to know that I have been feeding my Cramoisi Superieur rose hedge with your Quality Green Specialists mix [Premium-blend compost] for six months and they are showing the most perfectly formed, and beautiful blooms I have ever seen on the plant in mine or any one else’s garden.–Thank you!” – Ciana Maglio – Daytona Beach, FL

Ronald Willamson with raised bed

“A few minutes ago, I walked over to admire the foundation and frame of the box you [Dana] and Allen started today, grabbed the sides with both hands and jerked back and forth. I don’t know what I expected exactly. I mean, I knew it was sturdy, but honestly, I thought I would detect a tiny bit of a wiggle! It didn’t move one iota. I shook it again, harder. It was like trying to shake a concrete interstate bridge piling and I laughed aloud at my futile effort. You built it to last.” – Ronald Williamson, DeLand,FL

Citrus Grove Richard Marshall

 DE LAND, FL 32720

 Dear Dana,
About ten years ago we began working closely together trying to determine what could be done to improve the fertility, profitability, and production of my commercial orange grove.

Now, only as I look back, can I see a slow, but steady progression of nutrient change toward using more and more organic compounds, blended with less and less chemical fertilizer.

When we first began, I was applying pure chemical fertilizer at a rate of 200 lbs N/AC/YR [pounds of nitrogen per acre per year]. The trees yield was 150-250 boxes/ac per year. The grove tended to be somewhat alternate bearing. The quality of the oranges varied from good to fair (dry and sometimes with thick peel).

During the last five years, my fertilizer analysis was modified to incorporate less nitrogen and much more potassium. The total rate of nitrogen now has dropped to 85 lbs. N/AC/YR. The trees bear heavily every single year and yield 500 boxes per acre per year. The quality of the fruit has gone from fair/good to excellent and still improving.

Furthermore, the leaves of the trees have changed from small, pale and stiff to large, dark, and soft. The color is now a dark black-green. Canker inspectors who visit proclaim this grove to be the best looking of all those they encounter statewide.

Another benefit of superior nutrition with resulting grove health is acquired disease resistance and cold hardiness. The cold weather of Jan-Feb. 2010 and December 2010 has devastated my neighbor’s grove while my grove (separated only by a dirt road) is mostly unscathed and looks beautiful.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you, Dana, for introducing me to the world of balanced nutrition coupled with the benefits of phytonutrients. I hope we can continue to have many more years of mutual sharing in this field.

Your friend,

Dick M. [signed]

Richard S. Marshall (Steward)
Marshall Groves”

Webster, Dan Garden with Premium-blend Compost & Azomite

Dear Allen, Dan asked me to drop you an email with photographs of his garden for you to use as a testimonial on your website. The testimonial should actually start with me as I was so “over” him planting a garden in bad soil and then spending $250 per month to water it only to have a yield that not even a novice would be proud of growing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for advising and providing Dan with the right nutrients for our beachside growing conditions. His garden looks fabulous and we harvested his crop of Arugula last night and it yielded 12 nice containers of pesto to be able to share with family and friends and still have enough for the freezer. The collard greens, squash, zucchini and cucumbers will be ready to pick soon and I am sure that I will need to order some new freezer sealing bags! I love the fact that all of this was grown with no pesticides although I am sure that as summer approaches, bugs will find their way into the garden. Please see attached photos of his garden. He actually did weed it recently! Thanks again! Shannon P. Webster Shannon Webster Charters, Inc. 331 S. 22nd Street Flagler Beach, FL 32136


I purchased One Ton of Azomite and the 3 in 1 liquid. I have successfully harvested several fine varieties of greens and root crops which I used the Azomite minerals on after planting. I have been pleasantly satisfied with the flavor and resilience of the veggies and their ability to keep “fresh” after picking.
We grow baby gourmet greens and heirloom slow veggies and wish to not “experiment” without some guidance.
Thank you.
The GreenMans Garden

April 14, 2012
Good Morning Dana
The Azomite made the trees turn green and grow last fall…….

Quality Green Specialists, Inc.
1639 N. Spring Garden Ave.
DeLand, FL 32720

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