Super Green 3-0-5 Fertilizer

July 18, 2014. Super Green 3-0-5 Fertilizer is a winner! It has been two years since starting a test on 16 new orange trees in a DeLand orange grove against a more conventional fertilizer. Eight trees have been fertilized with 3-0-5 Fertilizer and the other eight trees have been given the same amount, by weight, of the other (a premium, more conventional) fertilizer. Here are the results:

Average height of 3-0-5 fertilized trees: 57.6 inches, average canopy spread: 54.9 inches; 57.6 x 54.9 = 3,162.2 sq. inches (an indicator of canopy volume).

Average height of more conventionally fertilized trees: 55.5 inches, average canopy spread = 48 inches; 55.5 x 48.0 = 2664 sq. inches (an indicator of canopy volume).

The bottom line: Super Green 3-0-5 Fertilizer outperformed a higher analysis more conventional fertilizer over a 2 year period by 18.7%. See photos of all sixteen trees by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Look for July 17, 2014 photos.

The test that was started on a chlorotic streak in a lawn with our “Super Green” 3-0-5 Rich Organic Based Fertilizer (State of Florida Fertilizer Registration Number F395) has demonstrated once again the greening power of this special fertilizer. The green streak is gone, and the area is greener and healthier looking than the rest of the lawn! The dramatic before and after photos are posted on “Dana’s Daily Log” on Wednesday, July 30, 2014.

3-0-5 Organic Fertilizer is our own original formulation especially made with the best organics to grow high quality turf, plants, vegetables, and fruit & keep them healthy, productive, and beautiful for months. Scroll down for photos of the start of the latest test of our organic 3-0-5 fertilizer on a “chemically fertilized abused lawn” and documented results of our previous tests. Also, scroll on down and you will find a complete product description:

Quality Green Specialists, Inc.

1639 N. Spring Garden Ave., DeLand, FL 32720

Store: 386-734-8000   Dana: 386-837-3878   Allen: 386-747-0567

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday

On June 3, 2013 a landscaper came into the store and told me that one of his clients had bought a bag of 3-0-5 fertilizer from us and had used it on his vegetables and turf. In his own words he said, “that 3-0-5 fertilizer is an ungodly good mixture….it made his beans go nuts!….I’m buying a bag of 3-0-5 to test it for myself.” Also, within the last month I personally witnessed a lawn, after the application of four bags of SUPER GREEN 3-0-5 in Glenwood Springs, go from the worst lawn in the neighborhood to the best lawn in the neighborhood and neighbors were asking, “what did you put on your lawn?

Allen Day with customer & Seminole Pumpkins with & without 3-0-5

Above: Allen Day showing a customer the results of adding our SUPER GREEN 3-0-5 Organic Fertilizer to four Seminole Pumpkins on the right and none to the four on the left. What a difference!

Below: Actual label for our unique fast acting, long-lasting, non-caking organic based fertilizer. In fact, all the ingredients are organic. The only ingredient that is not natural organic is the sulfur-coated urea (SCU). The urea is organic. The problem with straight urea is that is all dissolved at once and is leached (almost immediately) below the root zone of plants. The sulfur coating allows a gradual release of the urea for long term use by plant roots and gradually provides much needed sulfur as well. For your peace of mind, 3-0-5 ingredients are non-GMO. And the granular formulation makes 3-0-5 easy to spread!

3-0-5 label

Lawn  with 3-0-5 on 4-3-12

Above: Two lawns in DeBary, Florida treated with Super Green 3-0-5 Granular Fertilizer in March, 2012 and nothing else. Photo taken on April 3, 2012.

lawn on left chemical fertilizer - on right 3-0-5 July 4, 2012

Above: The tale of two lawns in DeBary, Florida just north of Orlando and Disney. The lawn on the right was treated with Super Green 3-0-5 Granular Fertilizer and nothing else in March, 2012. The lawn on left has been fertilized regularly with chemical fertilizer by a respected and well-known Professional Lawn Care Company. Photo was taken on July 4, 2012. The golf course fairway in the background needs an application of Super Green 3-0-5!

corn grown with 3-0-5 Spring 2012

Above: Sweet corn grown on the farm in DeLand, Florida with our “Super Green” 3-0-5 Organic Fertilizer by Allen Day, Quality Green Specialists Vice President. Allen says: “This is the best corn I have ever grown and with our Outbound Organic Pesticide (NOP approved) and Dipel (Organic larvacide), the first time I have not had a worm problem.” Dana Venrick, Quality Green Specialists President says: “This is the best corn I have ever eaten.”  Photo taken on May 12, 2012. Big, delicious, sweet ears of “Corn on the cob” were eaten around the 10th of June.

The latest test of “Super Green 3-0-5 Rich Organic Fertilizer” has been started. I just applied the 3-0-5 on the chemically fertilized, abused St. Augustine lawn and took the photos below on April 27, 2014. Look for photos of how the lawn responds in about a month.

Lawn DeBary fertilized with 3-0-5 photo A 4-27-14

Lawn DeBary fertilized with 3-0-5 photo B 4-27-14

Lawn DeBary fertilized with 3-0-5 photo C 4-27-14

Lawn DeBary fertilized with 3-0-5 photo D 4-27-14

Breaking News: Ericoid Mycorrhizal colonization has been found in our potted blueberries fertilized with our SUPER GREEN 3-0-5 Rich Organic Based Fertilizer.  This is the preferred type of mycorrihizae to maximize blueberry production! Great ingredients in our potting soil and fertilizer, such as the rich black humic acid from a natural deposit, make the difference!  The  test was performed by Steve Hill, a Quality Green Specialists customer. Supporting documentation follows:

Mycorrhizal assessment for blueberies grown with 3-0-5
Tomato growing in potting soil & 3-0-5

Above: Tomato growing and producing incredibly well in “Green ‘N Natural Composted Potting Soil” & fertilized with “Super Green 3-0-5 Rich Organic Based Fertilizer”.  In spite of days of raining a little over a week prior to taking this photo, there is no cracking and our taste test found the tomatoes to be firm, meaty, have a rich,  seasoned taste (no salt needed here!). They taste great eaten whole or sliced on a sandwich. YUM! YUM!  The soil and nutrition have to be right to have tomatoes like these in central Florida in July.  Below are photos of our other tomato plants being tested at Quality Green Specialists Nursery & Garden Center. They all have been fertilized with 3-0-5 and they all look good and are loaded with green and ripe tomatoes.  All photos taken July 3, 2012.

tomato grown in potting soil B & 3-0-5  7-3-12

tomato in compost & 3-0-5 on 7-3-12

Tomato, potted  growing with 3-0-5 Fertizer on 7-3-12

Photos above prove you can grow great tomatoes in containers even in late Spring and into summer. The secrets are a good potting medium and “Super Green 3-0-5 Rich Organic Based Fertilizer.”

Tomato Topgun 24 days after planting taken 4-18-12

CLOSE-UP ABOVE of healthy Topgun tomatoes with fruit 24 days after planting in ‘Green ‘N Natural’ Composted Potting Soil & fertilized with “Super Green 3-0-5 Rich Organic Fertilizer”. Photo taken 4-18-12. 

er plantingTomatoes and Eggplant 5-5-12 41 days after planting

Above: Topgun tomatoes and eggplant with flowers & fruit 41 days after planting in our Premium Organic Potting Soil & using Super Green 3-0-5 Rich Natural Fertilizer.  No pesticides were used.  Photo taken May 5, 2012.

tomatoes ripening on May 23, 2012 59 days after planting

Above: Topgun tomatoes with ripening fruit fruit 59 days after planting in our composted Organic Potting Soil & using Super Green 3-0-5 Rich Natural Fertilizer. No pesticides were used. Photo taken May 23, 2012.

Eggplant 5-5-12  41 days after planting

ABOVE: EGGPLANT 41 days after planting with flowers & fruit.  3-0-5 Fertilizer was used once. No pesticides were used.  Photo taken May 5, 2012.

Super Green 3-0-5 label details:



         SUPER GREEN 
            Rich Organic Based Fertilizer

    Formulated Exclusively for Quality Green Specialists, Inc.
Contains rich, natural organics, N-P-K, humic acid balanced calcium
and magnesium, bio-available silicon, organic micronutrients,
and an abundance of beneficial microbes for enhanced nutrient availability to plants. 
Contains no sludge or bio-solids. Granulated formulation.
     Guaranteed Analysis
             Total Nitrogen (N)                                                                     3%
                   0.02% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
                   0.00% Nitrate nitrogen
                   0%      Other/Water soluble Nitrogen
                   2.9%  Urea Nitrogen
                   .08%  Water insoluble Nitrogen
             Available Phosphate (P205)                                                   0%
             Soluble Potash (K20)                                                                5%
             Chlorine (Cl), not more  than                                                   5%
             Derived from:  Sulfur Coated Urea, Sulfate of
             Potash Magnesia, Sulfate of Potash
            Total Magnesium (Mg)                                                        2.75%
               2.75% Water Soluble Magnesium (Mg)
               0.0% Chelated Magnesium (Mg)
            Total Sulfur (S)                                                                         7.0%
               0.0% Combined Sulfur (S)
               0.0% Free Sulfur (S)                                         
            Calcium as CaC03                                                                    35%
 Derived From: Sulfur Coated Urea, Sulfate of Potash-Magnesia, Sulfate of Potash


Manufactured by: Mayo Fertilizer, Inc., P.O. Box 357, Mayo, FL 32066

Other non-tagged derivatives:
High Fulvic Acid Humates, Azomite high silicon
volcanic mineralizer, Dried Cane Molasses, Hydolyzed Feather Meal, Pasteurized
Poultry Manure, Cocoa Meal, Bone Meal, and Alfalfa Meal

Acidovorax facilis, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus pumilus,
Bacillus subtilis, Cellulomonas flavigena, Paenibacillus polymyxa,
and Pseudomonas alcaligenes
Manufactured for Quality Green Specialists, Inc., 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave.,
DeLand, FL 32720 by Mayo Fertilizer Company, Mayo, Florida
“Grow Natural With Quality Green”

Store phone: 1-386-734-8000


● Our own SUPER GREEN 3-0-5 fertilizer formulation has an abundance of highly important bio-available silicon (deficient in sandy soils – peat, compost, and most potting soils). SUPER GREEN has a low salt index & extended release N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium), Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, and dozens of bio-available minerals & trace minerals naturally chelated with Humic Acid from a rich natural deposit formed from marine and terrestrial plants. The natural chelation allows minerals to be easily available as needed by plants.

SUPER GREEN has balanced and abundant levels of Humic Acid and Calcium and contains over a half dozen beneficial and mineralizing micro-organisms and multiple organic materials that promote an explosion of desirable beneficials in the soil.

● SUPER GREEN promotes healthier plants, higher yields and better quality with less fertilizer! The unique 3-0-5 formulation has less than 0.5 % Phosphorus (P), avoiding the risk of excessive P in the soil. P does not readily leach below the root zone and is normally at sufficient levels in the soil. Supplementing with P only when a soil test indicates a deficiency avoids tie-ups caused by excessive P, helps prevent P run-off, and saves lots of money!

● SUPER GREEN relieves hidden hunger with a broad spectrum of over 70 bio-available minerals & trace minerals. SUPER GREEN is very low in heavy metals (less than in regular soils), while at the same time it buffers soil toxicities with an abundance of anionic (negative) charges.  The positively charged cations of any excessive heavy metals are tied up by anions found in one of the key ingredients – Azomite® volcanic pumice. With SUPER GREEN, plants and crops are better able to withstand all types of environmental stresses to include heat, cold, drought, excessive moisture, diseases and pests. Plants are stronger and grow better & faster!

● Key ingredients: Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU), Potassium Magnesium Sulfate (SPM), High Fulvic Acid Humates, Azomite® high silicon volcanic pumice, pasteurized poultry manure, bone meal, alfalfa meal, other non GMO organic ingredients, and over six types of beneficial microorganisms.

SUPER GREEN 3-0-5 Rich Organic Based Fertilizer not only dramatically increases yields, but also produces some of the highest quality and best tasting fruits & veggies ever!

For your peace of mind, SUPER GREEN 3-0-5 Rich Organic Based Fertilizer contains no GMO ingredients.

Here are the photos after two years in a commercial Citrus grove of 3-0-5 Fertilizer vs. a more conventional, higher nitrogen fertilizer (photos taken 7/17/14):

July 17, 2014 Photos of trees grown on Super Green 3-0-5 Fertilizer:



Tree #4 above was severely stunted from the start of the test. May have been a combination of root damage from conditions by the old tree stump and the lowest amount of sunlight of all the trees in the group of 16 trees. The tree has recovered, is growing and has dark green foliage.







Trees grown on premium more, conventional fertilizer; photos taken July 17, 2014:


Tree 1 above….





Tree 9 above….




Here are the actual measurements (height & width) of the 16 trees on July 17, 2014:

Tree 1:   53 inches heighth & 72 inches width

Tree 2:   55 x 56

Tree 3:  46 x 34

Tree 4:  41 x 32

Tree 5:  50 x 44

Tree 6:  64 x 62

Tree 7:  71 x 60

Tree 8:  64 x 72

Tree 9:  56 x 43

Tree 10: 66 x 81

Tree 11: 59 x 42

Tree 12: 55 x 46

Tree 13: 56 x 48

Tree 14: 66 x 51

Tree 15: 53 x 41

Tree 16: 50 x 39 *

*All the above measurements taken on July 17, 2014 are in inches with heighth first and width second.