Let’s mineralize!

Let’s mineralize!
Depleted soils result in mineral deficiencies in food.
We can mineralize – make healthy soils – and healthy foods.
Papayas -over 40 with Azomite-less than a year 2-25-12
This papaya tree at Dana Venrick’s home in central Florida produced over 40 perfect fruit in less than a year from seed.
Two papayas starting to ripen. The secret is complete mineralization with Azomite. These papayas taste great, because everything tastes better with complete mineralization. Photograph taken by Dana Venrick.

In 1936, the US Senate was presented with the results of a scientific study it had commissioned on the mineral content of our food. The results demonstrated that many human ills could be attributed to the fact that American soils no longer provided the plants with the mineral elements which are so essential to human nourishment and nutritional health. The report further stated that this depletion was contributing to poor health in people and animals. This problem was not satisfactorily addressed and at the 1992 Earth Summit, a report indicated that the mineral content of the world’s farm and range land soils had decreased dramatically since 1936. North America lost 85% of the minerals that were important to plant health and directly related to health of people and animals.

Authorities see soil depletion, barren livestock, increased human death rate due to heart disease, deformities, arthritis, and increased dental caries primarily due to lack of essential minerals in plant food. “It is neither a complicated nor an expensive undertaking to restore our soils to balance and thereby work a real miracle in the control of disease,” says Dr. Northern. “As a matter of fact, it’s a money-making move for the farmer and any competent soil chemist can tell them how to proceed.”  Soils seriously deficient in minerals cannot produce plant life competent to maintain our needs, and with the continuous cropping and stripping away of those concentrates, the condition becomes worse.

“Disease preys most surely and most viciously on the undernourishment and unfit plants, animals, and human beings alike. When the importance of these obscure mineral elements is fully realized, the farms and home gardeners will be amazed by the cost savings they see. By replacing lost minerals fertilizer and pesticide rates are reduced or no longer necessary.  The health care industry will be amazed by the dramatic recovery from much suffering and illnessess. No one knows their mental or bodily capacity, how well they can feel or how long they can live, because we have been depleted of many necessary minerals for so long.

What was talked about in 1936 and again in 1992 can now be corrected with applications of Azomite® (also referred to as rock dust) natural soil mineralizer.

Re-mineralizer.  Not only is it important for the growing of healthy plants and saving money for growers, it is vital for healthy people. Each year we see more and more disease affecting crops and humans that have not been a problem in the past. People want to know why. Well this is your answer. If the food source for biological life is not present in the soil, the life forms die.  If the plant does not receive all of the nutrients and minerals they need to produce and survive, a plant will adapt for a while by shutting down certain disease protective systems. Plants may survive, but with lower health, less production and poorer quality. Plants like this will not be healthy and thrive as sustainable living organisms.  While all of this happens the grower is spending more money each and every week to protect his crops. Now growers can correct these deficiencies while reducing overall inputs and saving money.

The cost of farming is going through the roof with all the added fertilizers and pesticides used to try and grow a marketable crop. Without complete mineralization, the crop cannot be strong and healthy. For years the chemical companies have pushed more fertilizers and toxic chemicals as a solution to get a crop to market, but neglected to tell growers they needed to replace the minerals that were being removed.  However, where is the profit in getting nature to do its job and provide the plants with all of the nutrients that are needed to make sure all aspects of the plants are working?  When all of the minerals are provided to our soil, then nature and biological life can do the job they were designed to do – provide nutrition for plants. Toxic rescue chemistry needs to be a thing of the past.

Heath care costs would be greatly reduced if we were eating foods that contained all of the minerals that the human body needs and letting nature strengthen our bodies and protect us from disease.

Azomite® has over 70 of the minerals needed for healthy plant growth that provide what our bodies need. Azomite® is not a man-made product: it is all natural, mined from the earth in Utah. With Azomite® it is not expensive to grow good healthy crops. If farmers stop listening to the chemical and fertilizer companies that have helped put us in this mineral deficient situation, we could see and taste food that is full of all the vitamins and the minerals we need. Organic growers know the secret of using natural minerals that make foods taste good again. Do not wait, do this for yourself and your family today. Buy Azomite® and start changing the world one farm, garden or yard at a time.  

In regard to impact on soils and crops, mineralization:

• Causes phenomenal growth of beneficial micro-organisms in the soil (responsible for soil health & conversion of minerals to bio-available forms)
• Raises the moisture and nutrient storage capacity of the soil
• Makes mineral nutrients readily available, increasing their intake by plants
• Provides sustained release characteristics
• Counters the effects of soil acidity
• Reduces soil erosion
• Contributes to the building of precious humus complexes
• Improves resistance to insects, disease, fungus, frost, and drought





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