Minerals from Quality Green Specialists Work Wonders: A Talk on using the best minerals to grow fruiting plants by Quality Green Specialists President Dana Venrick at the Wine & Tapas Festival, an event of the DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce, held from 6-9 p.m., October 21, 2016. Check all our pages for all the happenings at Quality Green.

“Quality Green Specialists – Our Mission, Our Products & Our Services”

Hello, I’m Dana Venrick, President of Quality Green Specialists, Inc. We are located at 1639 N. Spring Garden Ave (S.R. 15A), 2 miles north of New York Ave. (S.R. 44) at the corner of Green’s Dairy Rd. Our phone number is 386-734-8000.

My business partner Allen Day and I own a Garden Center, Organic Fertilizer Store, and Fruit tree/ Fruiting Plant Nursery at the Spring Garden location. We are active in the community, co-sponsoring the Florida Wildflower and Garden Festival (held the fourth Saturday of March every year in downtown DeLand) and are active members of the DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce.

Our products include many formulations with organic and natural minerals we have developed ourselves.

We make our own high quality organic-based compost, potting soil and high quality organic-based fertilizers with low nitrogen, low or no phosphorus, high potassium & magnesium, other essential minerals (more on this later), and over 70 micronutrients (trace minerals).

We formulate liquid & dry fertilizers for lawns & landscapes and for commercial growers, farmers and ranchers, to include fertilizers for pastures.

My passion is to be a good steward of the land & share with everyone how to grow plants (especially fruit trees & fruiting plants) & turf grass in a sustainable way (that also works exceptionally well) using scientific methods to enhance Mother Nature’s proven way of doing things sustainably. Our methods are similar to the way a forest builds perfect top-soil with readily available minerals that don’t leach and are within desirable ratios so that they are not tied-up in the soil..

You might say we have a “Whole Earth” philosophy guiding our recommendations for growing great greenery and fruiting plants and guiding the development of our nature-based formulations with the best minerals.

We specialize in complete & detailed testing of water, soil, and plant tissue to make it easy to grow the best plants & the most delicious fruits & vegetables by telling you how to best improve any type of soil or growing medium.

We test the soil in two important ways – a standard soil test & a saturated paste extract (to find out what how much of the total minerals in the soil will actually dissolve in the soil water!

We look at the status of all the essential elements and minerals. Very important: We address the two most important elements for plant growth, Carbon C) & Silicon (Si) in all our recommendations and in our fertilizer formulations that others overlook.

Think of this saying I was taught in Chemistry class at UF to remember the most important elements and minerals: C(Si)HOPKNSCaFeMg (Spoken: C Silly Hopkns CaFé – Mighty Good). (Like the mighty good food in the cafés in DeLand.) Plus, of course, all the essential micronutrients besides iron (Fe): manganese (Mn), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), boron (B). We look at potentially very toxic levels of aluminum (Al), chlorine (Cl), bicarbonates (HCO3), and soluble salts in the soil as well. All essential elements and minerals are included in our recommendations as high-quality bio-available forms, when found deficient from our complete testing. We also tell you how to unlock any minerals that are sequestered (tied-up). Plus, we make the fertilizer blends (dry & liquid) that include all these essential elements and minerals, not just the typical fertilizer elements and minerals N-P-K (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium), Ca (calcium), Mg (magnesium), S (sulfur), micronutrient Fe (iron), and some of the other essential trace minerals (that unfortunately are often unavailable oxide forms). We use available forms of essential elements and minerals, including very bio-available glucoheptonate chelated micronutrients.

  • Carbon (C), the most important element, as bio-available fulvic acid: We emulate the way it is gradually made by nature – we just make it faster by adding extra oxygen atoms to the humic acid molecules to make a high percentage fulvic acid humate. We include fulvic acid in our fertilizers as well as humic acid which slowly is converted into fulvic acid.
  • Silicon (Si), the second most important element (which is also one of the very essential minerals), as bio-available silicon dioxide from OMRI listed and Florida registered Azomite volcanic pumice which is 65% silicon dioxide (plus a wide range of micronutrients). This is very important because of extreme deficiencies of silicon dioxide in many soils, especially sandy & muck (very high organic matter) soils.
  • Hydrogen (H) & Oxygen (O) – mainly as water from rain & irrigation and from the atmosphere.
  • Plus all the primary & secondary essential fertilizer elements and minerals (N-P-K-Ca-Mg-S), plus all the essential & beneficial micronutrients.

Our fertilizers supply immediate release & long-term sustainable release of Nature’s best forms of available elements and minerals: fulvic acid, silicon dioxide, naturally mined minerals such as potassium magnesium sulfate, botanical based kelp, black-strap molasses, animal-based composted litters, hydrolyzed fish, bone meal, etc.

When needed minerals are applied, based on our complete testing, beneficial microbial life and Cation Exchange Capacity (holding capacity) increases dramatically. The microbes break-down minerals for food (needed energy) and release waste products as positive and negative ions in the soil water that plants actually absorb.

We incorporate over nine kinds of beneficial microbes, such as species of Bacillus & Trichoderma to accelerate & maintain release of minerals from the soil.

In our nursery, we have a beautiful selection of fruit trees, fruiting plants, vegetables, and a select choice of ornamentals grown with our own special potting soil and complete fertilizers. All of our plant growth products include all of the essential elements and minerals.

We have a big selection of Citrus & olive trees. Stone fruits. Persimmons. Mulberries. Guavas. Figs. Avocados. Vegetables.

We now have strawberry plants for the winter & spring.

We have over 70 varieties of fruit trees and fruiting plants in all.

I would like to give you a special invitation to come visit our beautiful Nursery and Garden Center. You will see super nice plants grown without harsh, toxic pesticides and herbicides. We hand weed only – I have done my share – just check my hands!

As you will see – our principles & methods work extraordinarily well.

We are open 8-5 Monday through Saturday. We have the knowledge & experience to help you grow better plants in a more natural, sustainable way.

You have me, Dana, with an M.S. degree, with a major in Botany (Plant Physiology), and minors in Chemistry and Fruit Crops from the University of Florida (UF). My thesis was focused on the selective uptake of minerals by plants. I have been a Vocational Agriculture Teacher, FDACS inspector and Assistant in Plant Pathology, an owner of a Citrus Grove, Ranch and Nursery, a UF/IFAS Commercial Horticulture Extension Agent for 10 years, and now President & Co-owner of Quality Green Specialists, Inc. for over 6 years.

We have Vice President & Co-Owner Allen Day, who has specialized in business management and growing vegetables for years. He is an expert on the wise and sustainable use of minerals for growing the best possible crops.

We have Associate Alex Andrews, who is very committed, personable and knowledgeable. He is President of the DeLand Garden Club and does our Green Garden Show with Big John every 3rd Wednesday.

We have Sonya Mayer a very helpful and industrious young lady.

And part time, we have service-minded and very helpful David Wiggins.

We all work as a team to spread the word that you can grow better plants using natural and organic methods – Mother Nature’s Way – without wasteful, easily leached to the groundwater, high analysis chemical fertilizer – not muriate of potash/potassium chloride/KCl (high analysis but only half of the compound is essential, the other half being toxic chlorine), but lower analysis but more usable minerals like naturally mined potassium magnesium sulfate (SPM). LOWER ANALYSIS NATURAL & ORGANIC FERTILIZER MINERALS WORK BETTER & ARE MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE FOR LONG TERM HEALTH OF THE PLANET.

For more complete information about our company and proof of how well our recommendations work, be sure to check-out our beautifully updated web-site: qualitygreenspecialists.com

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